①few things could be more illuminating and enlightening than this picture.

② what is subtly featured in the illustration above is that(描述图中所画),(进一步描述图中所画).

③ whoever in front of it can not help being fascinated.

④ how philosophic and symbolic it is!



①what an impressive and instructive image it is!

② portrayed in it is that 描述图画, 进一步描述图画.

③nothing can be so striking and thought-provoking as the above drawing.

④indeed, whoever in front of it may be very much interested.

⑤what on earth can be inferred from this cartoon?



①whoever in front of the picture above can not help being fascinated.

②what can be clearly seen in this drawing is that 描述图画,进一步描述图画.

③simple as the above picture may seem at first glance, its intended meaning goes apparently far deeper.




①what in the world does the illustration virtually aim to convey?

②however ridiculous it may appear at first glance, what the image attempts to mirror is by no means simple: 图画要表达涵义.

③indeed,this is not entirely a coincidence, similar scenes are fairly to us all, occurring all too often in nearly all walks of life.

④it should be noted, of course, that reports of such happenings can be readily found in the mass media, the previous couple of years has witnessed growing incidence of similar events.

⑤as is revealed in a recent survey conducted by zhejiang university last october, 63 percent of the people语言切题.

⑥a convincing example goes to an acquaintance of mine, who 切题举例子.



①studying the picture further, we can easily learn that this is far more than a mere simple picture, it is a vivid reflection of a pretty pervasive phenomenon in our society for the time being: 描述图画含义,补充解释一二句.

②as can be obviously seen from the statistics released by china youth daily at the end of last year, there-fifths of the youngsters 主题描述,切题.

③can this merely be coincidence?

④ it should be observed, of course, that upsetting parallels are now available in nowadays society, and similar stories frequently hit the headlines of the mass media.

⑤indeed, nowhere in history has such a phenomenon been concerned so much as in our society today.

⑥one of my former colleagues may serve as a case in point, she 切题举例子.



①that this cartoon does carry rather significant intended meanings goes far beyond any reasonable dispute.

②in fact, funny as the picture seems to be, the implications that it tries to convey is undoubtedly far-reaching:图画表达涵义,如有可能,补充说明。

③it should be noted that 主题词has played an indispensable role in nowadays society.

④as can best be illustrated in terms of one of my acquaintances(举个切题的例子), who (切题)。如果字数不够的话,可以举例+统计数据+一项调查等等(字数够了,就不用写了)。




“however much importance we attach to 主题描述,it is far from enough.” notes wang ji, a 52-year-old editor of xinhua news agency. it is the responsibility of the government, mass media and schools of all levels to take the lead to promote/curb主题,awakening the general public to the significance/severity of 主题. meanwhile ,each individual should strive to serve as a driving force/a counterbalance. i am strongly convinced that only when we are equipped with主题, can we conquer any challenges and difficulties in school and in life.



much can be done, the government, fore and most, should serve as a counterbalance/driving force to this trend, doing its utmost to curb/ promote such happenings. moreover, it is the responsibility of the mass media and schools of an all levels to guide people to reduce/terminate主题. above all, the general public should be made aware that the sooner we take主题seriously, the better our future will be.



taking into account all arguments presented above, we may reasonably arrive at the conclusion that主题词should be greatly emphasized/given due attention. “there needs to be coordination of the whole society, what is needed is a package deal”,argues wang ji, a 44-year-old sociologist of fudan university. the public, fortunately, have been made aware that 切题句子。



1.the earlier we attach importance to such a phenomenon, the better our society will be.我们越早重视这一现象,越会拥有一个更加美好未来。

2.however much importance we attach to similar happenings, it is far from enough.不管我们多么重视这一现象都不为过。

3.failure to take effective measures may inevitably result in severe consequences.若是不能够采取相应措施,未来后果可能会很严重。






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